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  • Goal Commands
    !goalType !goal to set your daily wordcount goal. Ampersand will alert you when you've hit the milestone!
    !goalresetType !goalreset to reset your daily wordcount goal to 0.
    !progressType !progress to show your daily wordcount progress.
    Project Commands
    !newType !new Project Title to start a new project.
    !renameType !rename Old Title:New Title to rename a project. Remember not to put a space in between the colon!
    !showType !show Project Title will show the info on that project (description, wordcount, owner).
    !infoType !info Project Title:Info to set the info of that project.
    !deleteType !delete Project Title to delete that project.
    !p userType !p username to send a list of all projects owned by that user. Case sensitive.
    !p searchType !p search Project Title will display the information on that project.
    !loadType !load load and then a project name to load a project into the active state. Loaded projects are affected by all wordcount commands.
    Wordcount Commands
    !cType !c to check your wordcount for your current project. Type !c (wordcount) to update your wordcount.
    !c+Type !c+(wordcount) to add on to your current wordcount.
    !c-Type !c-(wordcount) to subtract from your current wordcount.
    !c undoType !c undo to reset your wordcount to 0.
    Sprint Commands
    !sprintType !sprint to start a 30 minute sprint, two minutes from when the command was sent. Typing !sprint (duration) (wait period) will start a sprint where the first number is the duration of the sprint, and the second number is when the sprint will start.
    !statusType !status to send the status of the currently running sprint (users in sprint, time remaining).
    !joinType !join to join any currently running sprints.
    !leaveType !leave to leave any currently running sprints. You will be remembered as an abandoner.
    !finalType !final to record your wordcount at the end of a sprint. Sprints will not end until all users have finalized their wordcount.
    !startType !start to start the current sprint (only works for the user who started the sprint).
    !closeType !close to close the current sprint (only works for the suer who started the sprint).
    Trivia Commands
    !questionType !question to send a trivia question to the channel.
    !answerType !answer (your answer) to answer the last trivia question sent to the channel.
    !clueType !clue to send a clue to the channel about the last trivia question.
    !leaderType !leader to find out the current leader in trivia.
    !myscoreType !myscore to find our your score in trivia.
    Misc. Commands
    !recallType !recall (number) to send previous messages up to that number.
    !lineType !line to send a random line from one of the top books on Project Gutenberg.
    !dayType !day to send the national day based off nationaldaycalendar.com
    !musicType !music to send music recommendations.
    !boredType !bored to send recommendations on what to do if you are bored.
    !hungryType !hungry to send websites that give recommendations on what to eat.
    !qotdType !qotd to send the quote of the day.
    !recordType !record (quote) to record a quote to be stored for the !quote command.
    !quoteType !quote to send a random quote based on what has been stored using !record.
    !translateType !translate (that language you are translating from) (the language you are translating to) (the text you want to translate) in order to send a translation. Some languages may not be supported.
    !seenType !seen (user) to send a message telling when the user was last seen.
    !defineType !define (word) to send the definition of said word.
    !synonymType !synonym (word) to send synonyms for said word.
    !kickType !kick to kick a random user from the channel if Ampersand has OPs.
    !pollType !poll to start a new poll.
    !voteType !vote (your vote) to record a vote for the current poll.
    !endpollType !endpoll to tally votes from the current poll and end it.
    !movieType !movie to recommend a movie from IMDB's Top 250 List and user recommendations.
    !addmovieType !addmovie (movie) to add your movie recommendation to the list.
    !yourmomType !yourmom to generate a random "Your Mom" joke. It may not make sense. This is the point.
    !noteType !note to record a note.
    !remindType !remind to send stored notes for a user.
    !tellType !tell (user):(message) to leave a message for an offline user. They will receive this message if they come online and enter a channel that Ampersand is in.
    !addboredType !addbored to add your recommendations for what to do when you are bored to the list.