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    A lot of writing communities have a mythical veil placed around writing. It makes people believe that writing is something fantastical when it is not. Writer Chat is here to help de-mystify that veil and encourage everyone to write, with no crap added on.

    We have a strong sense of community and welcome every writer, whether they are new to writing or already a professional. We are not limited to a genre; in fact, we encourage diversity.

    We have an active chat room where a lot of the writers in the community like to hang out for live feedback in addition to just shooting the breeze. You can check it out at #writerchat on irc.snoonet.org

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    dogsong is available to contact through email (ds.dogsong@gmail.com), reddit (/u/dogsongs), or through IRC (dogsong). The fastest way to get in contact is through IRC at #writerchat on irc.snoonet.org